18 ottobre 2010

my name is tanino.

certe volte è necessario che la gente capisca. se alla fine di tutto questo avete capito tutto, ma non avete capito perché, allora è il caso che andate a dare un'occhiata qui.

Thanks to everyone for the comments. If there is something I consider important in this job (or pastime, as many of you prefer…) it is the chance to share ideas, advices, suggestions and critiques. I do believe that sharing is one of the most effective factors which help me to improve and to grow.

This is the second time i write this reply. Ten minutes ago I was trying to justify myself for the choices taken, but I realized this is not the case. I don’t think I have.

Ritdiena is a project started from me, from my facing the future, from my lack of answers, from my being part of a stuck generation. I always find myself talking with my contemporaries about what is going to be, about the best decisions to take, about our worries becoming adult people.
I perfectly know that this kind of attitude has been experienced by every generation. Basically everybody in his twenties has been uncertain of his own future and has felt a bit lost. But anyway I’m experiencing that right know and when I heard of the Latvian crisis, so sudden and so strong, I immediately thought about the youngsters and about what that change could have caused inside them. I found a real and evident story where my point of view of the matter could have been actual and where I could have felt deeply involved.

Future is just a concept, it doesn’t exist. Everything has still to happen. The future exists just in the perception we can have of it. And if this perception, these insights, get damaged or get changed, also the future itself will do the same.
And that’s why I meant to give prominence and importance to something which is often intangible like the feelings and the outlooks. They are the base where all our choices start from and on which we build ourselves as individual, as society and as country.

It’s evident that a project like this is quite ambitious and it can be hard to show something you can just feel. But my experience there was very intense, I think I got part of their private life, at least for a while. And I believe that if you look at the whole selection, without focusing on every single image or trying to analyze every option, maybe you can see in the end the atmosphere I breathed and I tried to restore.

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abele ha detto...

complimenti ancora... e grazie alla pubblicazione su Burn ho scoperto questo bel blog: hai un dono anche per la scrittura. ciao

boccaccino ha detto...

grazie mille. :)

Anonimo ha detto...

ciao roberto.. come abele qui sopra ti ho 'scoperto' su burn, e passo il link al tuo blog a mio figlio, che di foto non s'interessa, ma di scrittura sì.. e qui ci trova la combinazione di tutt'e due.. vai avanti così che vai bene!


Anonimo ha detto...

ciao!I think everything you wrote is brilliant! im trying to google translate the rest! so far as mangled as it is, its ace! love your blog and your photography! is really, truely beautiful! You inspired me :-)
apologies for the english... figured google would totally decimate my already messy message